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February 29 2016


Don't Settle For Cheap - Buy the Best

How many people take the time to examine a strand of their own hair that has fallen out? Students attending a cosmetology school have most likely studied their own hair under a microscope. They'll see the difference between hair that is normal with a smooth cuticle, and how rough and choppy a damaged hair cuticle looks. Damage happens from the sun, wind, bleaching, too many color treatments, along with a person's health. Many diseases and health treatments cause people to lose their hair. Thyroid issues and cancer treatments are two widely known reasons people lose their hair.


Anyone can see how popular hair care products are by just walking through a grocery store or the local discount store. There are countless conditioners, shampoos, and hair color treatments on display, but they don't grow hair. Many people simply buy wigs because they know that, in time, their hair will grow back and it may even be curly. Other people with very thinning hair resort to an indian hair weave provided by Indian women with lovely hair. Many people donate their hair when they have it cut. The stylist combs it all together and then cuts a large amount of it and saves it for the production of indian hair extensions.

The reason they cut it all at once is because all the hair is in one direction; the way it grows. People love extensions made of Indian remy hair, which means it's totally natural, full cuticle, and in one direction from the root all the way to the ends of the hair. A cuticle from this hair would look smooth under a microscope. This type of hair creates a hair extension that's soft, wavy, black hair from a human person. This is 100% human hair not treated with silicone treatments that start out making the hair shiny, and after being brushed and washed, the silicone is gone and the hair becomes dry and brittle.

Always look for human remy hair extensions that are fully authentic and absolutely real. Real hair isn't important to everyone. Many people choose a lower price that's within their budget, and that's okay. A person that wants real hair extensions, won't care about the price.
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